Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working the System

Chloe amazes me. In 4 days we've gone from refusing to poop in the potty, to metering poops to get more prizes. Yesterday afternoon, she wanted some Pez, which for some reason is her prize of choice, so she pooped in the potty. She ate the candy I gave her, then wanted more. I told her she couldn't have anymore prizes until she pooped again. So she pooped again, and got another prize. When she got bored with that one (she actually chose a toy that time), she went into the bathroom, and squeezed out a peanut sized poop, just to get another toy. I'm not complaining, though. At least it's all going in the potty.


LINDSAY said...

I'm so happy for you Ruth! It's amazing how one day you are struggling so bad with it all and the next day they FINALLY get it. I sure hope you continue to have success!
What finally worked for us with Owen was to tell him that he needed to show his animals or cars (or whatever he was playing with) that he could potty/poop in the toilet. For some reason, he thought that was the coolest thing ever--he would line up his animals all across the bathroom counter and have them watch. I guess he thought his toys were VERY impressed with him! Whatever works though :)

Sandy said...

Heehee -- guess she's understanding cause and effect now, huh?:)