Monday, June 16, 2008

Mommy Tag

My sister in law Lindsay tagged me with this about forever ago, and since I don't have the camera to post any new pictures today, I thought I'd finally answer the questions.

1. What time do my kids wake up? About 6 am, and Chloe is trained to go straight to Bracken's side of the bed.

2. On a good night, what time do my kids go to sleep? Depends on which perspective I take of a good day. Addie goes down by 7, or she is up all night, like she was last night. If Chloe takes a nap, she goes to bed at 8. If she skips her nap, like she does most of the time now, we shoot for 7, which gives us a long day, but a quiet evening.

3. How long have I been a mom? 3 years on the 2nd.

4. How old was I when I became a mom? 28

5. What's my fav. kid show? Curious George, hands down. It has been Chloe's favorite forever.

6. Least Fav kid tv show? Little Einsteins. Given the entire catalogue of Classical music they could feature on the show, they repeat the same songs with different lyrics, sung by a little girl with a very nasal voice.

7. Fav Chore? Gardening!

8. Fav Meal to cook? Skillet Chicken with Brocolli, Ziti and Asiago (see my May archive for the recipe).

9. Whats the meal cooked most often? It's a close finish between corn dogs, chicken nuggets and mac'n'cheese. And does Little Caesar's $5 hot and ready pizza count?

10. What our your kid’s fav meal? At the moment, we've had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost every day this week, which Chloe has helped with. Also, see above.

11. Whats my Fav thing that Bracken does with the kids? Every night since Chloe was a baby, he has been the one to give the girls their baths every night. He has his own little routine and things that they do, and I love the guaranteed time they have together.

12. What are the 5 things that make me smile while being a mom?

  1. I'm smiling right now at the mess Addie has made while I've been typing--She's dumped a bowl of Cheerios (thankfully dry ones), emptied a basket of laundry Bracken folded, found some sort of dried fruit something to put in her mouth, and is now yelling into a toy and smiling at me.

  2. Chloe running. She's always up on tiptoes, her hair bouncing with every step. I just can hardly stand it.

  3. When my children sleep. Oh, it's so easy to forgive the worst days when you look down and see them peacefully dreaming, bums in the air.

  4. I love hugs and kisses and snuggles. Neither of my kids are particularly snuggly, and while I love their independence, I treasure the cuddles.

  5. The joy and excitement the girls get out of things that seem perfectly ordinary to me. At a wedding this weekend, Chloe got to talk to the princess (bride), and the exchange went something like this, all with doe eyes: "Did you get married?" "Yes, what's your name?" "Choe," in a breathy voice. Then the bride asked, "Can I give you a hug?" Slow nod yes, still with wide eyes. And then there's Addie, who about loses it with her mouth in an "O" and arms waving when presented with something new, usually to put in her mouth.

13. Where do I want to take my kids someday? Disneyland. Just now when we were waiting for the dentist, Chloe saw a picture of Snow White and initiated a conversation with her, and had to show it to everyone. She will lose her mind over Disneyland.

14. When was the Last time Bracken and I went out without the kids? We actually had an honest to goodness date Friday night. We did a little shopping, had dinner, and caught a movie. It was lovely.

15. One thing you said you'd never do as a mom? I never wanted to have the dirty kid, but most the time it seems like I am the dirty kid.

16. Favorite past time with my kids? They both just love the pool. They are water babies to the core, and I love to watch their joy.

17. Favorite quality that my mom has? My mom was good at being silly. I think I need to work more on that.

18. Advice for new mom's? Just relax, and pick your battles. Don't compare your kids to other people's kids. They all develop at their own rate, and they are all special. And it's okay if you never got dressed today.
19. What’s a scary or heartbreaking moment you've had? Just yesterday we thought we lost Chloe. I was getting Addie dressed for church while Bracken got ready, and I realized I hadn't heard Chloe in a while. She's a master at escaping, but the back door was locked from the inside, so I knew she wasn't out back. I checked the front door and it was unlocked. I looked up and down the street, didn't see her at all, then ran back in to tell Bracken I couldn't find her. I could hear the panic in my own voice. Then he checked the garage, which for some reason I hadn't even thought of. There she was, in the car, ready to go, $1.25 richer.

20. When was the last time your kids said I love you? I know Chloe has said it more recently than this, but the time I really remember recently was when I was making dinner one night, and was at my limit on "Mom? Mama? Mommy?" for the day, so I sent her to go find and help Daddy. She did, and came back in a few minutes later saying, "Mom, I wub you." She left again and I heard Bracken prompt her, "Go tell Mommy you love her again." And Addie tells me with the shaking arms and excitement described above.


Missy Jurgens said...

Ah, Disneyland.... I MUST commit my husband... this MUST happen. I'm having a need for it. I think you're sillier than you give yourself credit for (spider-egg sack creator)

Sandy said...

What a great post - as I type I have a little naked someone pulling on my arms and whining, "Wanna watch Dora...wanna watch Dora..." thanks for putting it in perspective:)

Matt said...

6am!! I couldn't do it! It was fun reading about everything. And your story about almost losing Chloe--I can totally relate. That is my BIGGEST fear now. I am the most anal mom now at the store. ANytime, Owen leaves my sight for even a second, I freak out and make him sit IN the cart. It scares me to death what could happen.

Matt said...

by the way, that comment was from lindsay--I'd be shocked if I ever saw matt commenting on a blog :)

My Two Boys said...

Hi Ruth ! This is Hillery Leebert. I came by your blog from the Astles, and was happy to see that you and Braken have two girls now. You look like your doing great. It was nice to see.