Monday, July 7, 2008

Um, really?

I walked out the door today to checked on my plants, and was immediately stopped by a wall of smoky, humid, hot air. Yep, the fires are still burning strong. I checked the news and weather just to see what to expect. Then I checked out which has the latest on the air quality. The expected air quality for today is in the very unhealthy range, and clearly says that wildfires are burning causing air pollution. Below that is a little picture of a professional woman with a bike and a caption that says "Bike to work or recreational activities and reduce air pollution." Very unhealthy air=get outside and ride your bike? I think I'll pass.


Sandy said...

Well, nobody ever said the environmentalists in CA made any SENSE, right?:)

How's your asthma with all that crud in the air?

Ruth Mannion said...

It's not super bad, but definitely making its presence known. If I'm out too long, I'll get a pain in my chest, and I find myself coughing a wheezing more than usual. It's not incapacitating, though.