Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe!

I can't believe my little Chloe turned 4 on Thursday! She is becoming such a little lady. If I do say so myself, she had a really fun birthday. She started the day with a few small gifts from Mom and Dad. Though she would happily spend most days in her pajamas, on this day she got dressed before she would even consider opening her presents. My dad, who always insisted that we get dressed on Christmas morning before we opened any presents, will be so proud.
My friend Ashley came over that morning to take Chloe to the free movies so I could have my hands free a little to get everything ready. I was especially grateful for the extra help since Bracken and I had stayed up until about 2 trying to get the bathroom ready for the party, only to discover we needed a thicker wax ring for the toilet. It was a bit frustrating to have worked so hard to get so close, and be unable to close the deal, and then be so tired the next day. Oh well. Ashley's movie plans didn't pan out so well either. Since the theatre cancelled the screening of Curious George, the kids ended up watching Journey to the Center of the Earth through their fingers before leaving early.

After a trip to the mall playground, Ashley brought the crew back and helped me with the final party prep. We had a water party in the backyard, and I think all the kids had a really good time. They played in the wading pool, in the sprinkler, and on the Slip 'n' Slide Chloe had gotten that morning.

We also had water balloons, which the kids just kind of threw into the grass until Ashley showed them how to throw them at each others feet, and then they had a great time.
There was one mishap early in the party when Chloe, wrapped in her towel like a burrito, per her request, tripped and bashed her cheek into the metal swing. There were a lot of tears, and a couple requests to just go lay down, but eventually, a big cup of chocolate milk solved the problem, and she was able to return to enjoying her party.
Then it was pinata time. Chloe has been requesting a pinata for years, and we finally got her one. She really wanted a white horse, but thankfully was accepting of a mulitcolored donkey.

All the kids were excited to get in on the action, and fortunately, not even the random two year olds running past the enthusiastically swinging broom got hit.

Chloe then got to open her presents. She got everything she'd been wanting, plus a whole lot more. Thanks to everyone for spoiling my daughter!

Here's me and my birthday girl. And my other little imp stealing a cupcake before we got to sing.
Happy Birthday to you, Chloe!

That night, Ashley, Josh and Parker stayed to join us for dinner and a little more birthday celebration.
In Bracken's family, they always had a treasure hunt for their big present when they were growing up. His dad would hide pictures of objects around the house in little tins and the kids would go from place to place until they got to their big gift. Chloe really wanted a blue bike, and they are impossible to find for girls in stores. I had ordered it online later than I should (what, my hands have been a little full lately), and desperately hoped it would come in time for her birthday. It was due to come FedEx that day, and at around 10 that day, the FedEx truck had pulled up. I was so excited, thinking that the bike was arriving and I could assemble it while Chloe was gone. The truck did a three point turn in front of my house, then drove away. No!!!

Thankfully, around the end of her party, the bike showed up and I was able to smuggle it into the house and assemble it before the treasure hunt. Bracken set everything up for the hunt and after dinner, the kids were off. Sort of. Chloe found a picture of pots and pans, went to the cupboard with the pots and pans, opened it, shut it, then turned to Bracken for the next clue.
Good thing Josh is very interested in pirates, and could help her out with the actual locating of the clues.
Until the end, when they reduced all of us adults to tears of laughter. The last clue was the crib, and in front of the crib Bracken had placed the bike. The kids ran in, ran past the bike, and started looking in the crib.

Then they started looking around the room for the "treasure."
Nope, still not seeing it.
Addie and Parker then ran in and immediately climbed on the bike. By the time Chloe and Josh located it, Addie was perched proudly on the seat and Parker was straddling the front wheel.
In Chloe's defense, there is a family history of bike finding issues. When my dad was a little boy, he wanted a bike more than anything. In his family, everyone had their own chair on Christmas morning that all their gifts were placed on. He woke up, ran to his chair, and was heartbroken to not see see a bike on it. It took several minutes for him to process that a bike wouldn't fit on the chair, and was waiting for him right behind the chair. Come to think of it, his bike was also blue. Maybe blue bikes are just harder to find. It sure was for me!

But here is our proud girl taking her first ride on the sidewalk.
She's just so big!
We then had more singing and cake with dad.
Addie loved the frosting.
Happy Birthday Chloe! We sure love you, and are so glad you're part of our family.

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Missy said...

K, the cupcakes are adorable! I love the story about the treasure hunt - I think it is such a fun idea! Does Bracken take actual pictures and hide them or does he draw them?
I'm glad she had a happy birthday. We sure love you, Chloe-O.