Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom, I want . . .

Chloe's been watching a lot of Qubo lately, and on Qubo, they advertise a lot of products you can only purchase on TV. Chloe wants every one she sees, whether she needs an abdominal exerciser or not. Here an excerpt from an afternoon's TV watching.

Mom: Why?
Chloe: Because they make it better.
Mom: Make what better?
Chloe: They make it better, faster. I want Santa to bring it to me.
Mom: Why?
Chloe: Because they make it beeeauuuutiful.

Pillow Pets-- Unicorn. Because they're just so compy. (This one I've actually contemplated purchasing for her. After all, it's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet! It's also been sold out for months.)

Vectron Wave--Cause dere look fun. I really love those.

Quick Gems--I want to get those from Santa. Cause dere look fun.

Chloe: Mom, how bout lets get Dad a bowling ball. Cause he doesn't have one. Let's get him a blue one. (This one was not on Qubo--I can only attribute it to repeated watchings of A Christmas Story. Please judge me.)

Chloe: Happy Birthday Mom!

Perfect Brownie Pan--
Mom: Why do you want that?
Chloe: Because to help you not hurt your hands.
Mom: Oh, well that's kind of sweet.

I think we need to turn off the Qubo before Christmas morning turns into one big fail for Chloe when she doesn't get a single thing on her list.


The Odom Family said...

That's so funny! Kristen gets sucked into infomercials and anytime she watches one, she tells me why we need that product and then list the convincing reasons as stated on the informercial. She desperately wants a snuggie. It cracks me up!

Sandy said...

That is hilarious! At least she's paying attention to what all the gadgets are for, right? :)