Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye, Sabrina

As long as we've lived here, this Sabrina poster has hung on the wall. When we moved in, we weren't sure how to decorate the kitchen/dining area, so we just hung a couple vintage posters Bracken had since college on the wall and called it good enough. At least they were vintage. Three plus years later, nothing had changed. Here are Addie and Chloe dyeing Easter eggs this last year.

Here's another shot of Addie and the Sabrina poster.
Here's the real winner, though. While hunting for a good "before" shot of the wall, I found this shot of Addie with the Sabrina poster 2 years ago.It's AWESOME! But not awesome enough for me to not update my dining room.

Since we really don't have the budget for anything major, I've been collecting at yard sales and using coupons (Thank you Kohl's and JCPenny for those $10 off your $10 purchase deals). I got a shelf for free, which I repainted with paint we had in the cupboard. I wanted a real apple-ey green, but didn't have enough yellow, so I'm fine with what I did for free. I picked up some cute milk glass dishes, a vintage plate and some little birds (which I decided not to paint black for Halloween) at yard sales, added a couple pieces of memorabilia from my life and some herbs from my garden, and . . . .

Voila! One excited Chloe!I'm excited, too.

I'm really quite pleased with myself.
Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I'll win that set of Fiesta Ware.


Lindsey said...

LOVE the shelf and all the fun pieces you found to put on it! I hope Bracken gave you all the praise you hoped for :) It is definitely worthy of it!

Sandy said...

Very cute!

Katie said...