Tuesday, April 5, 2011

True Grit

A couple months ago, Bracken and I saw True Grit in the theatre. Bracken immediately put the original on our Netflix cue. Although I had been raised on a steady diet of John Wayne by my father, somehow I had never seen it, and neither had Bracken. As much as we enjoyed the Coen brothers' adaptation, we felt we should watch John Wayne's Oscar winning performance for comparison.

And I ended up being much more interested in Kim Darby. First, I noticed that she had the ever sexy Julie Andrews hairdo.
Then we noticed that not only had she stolen her hair, she'd also completely ripped off Maria's traveling outfit in The Sound of Music.
Yup, right down to the special skirt and boots.
However, there was definitely less singing in True Grit.
However, I was (mostly) able to overcome my distraction with Kim's tribute to Julie, until Bracken turned to me and said, "It's got raisins in it . . ."

"You like raisins."
And then, the comparison was all over for me. I vote for the new True Grit. Not only did it not have Kim Von Trapp in it, but that running scene at the end . . . .


Katie G said...

oh ruth, don't tell that to your father. I once asked if he was going to see the new one and he looked as though he was going to disown me for even suggesting it. it was terrifying. even more terrifying than the outfit that the poor didn't want (see Sound of Music for explanation)

The Bunker Family said...

I like the original. Actually, sitting through that one really left me feeling like I didn't need to sit through another one. Chris thinks it's because I like my movies "light and fluffy." True. Not much grit to "You've Got Mail."