Friday, February 24, 2012

Rosie at 4 months

Our baby is 4 months old now. She is very cute.
My mom had the most amazing blue eyes. The were so deeply blue you would have sworn they were colored contacts. Several of my siblings got those blue eyes. My blue eyes were more like my grandpa's--more of a piercing blue-green. Addie got those eyes. Chloe's are green/ hazel. Maggie's are brown. I wished for my mom's blue for this baby, and so far, I think she's got them.

Rosie is easily my chunkiest baby. And I love it. I always wanted a baby with "screw on hands" and this girl's got 'em.

She also has the cutest little birthmark on her left breast. Addie has started drawing pictures of herself with a little birthmark. She assumes that since Rosie has one, she must have had one, too, and it's just gone away.

Those are some beautiful lips.

Addie loves Rosie. She is the child I am most likely to find just playing by her baby sister, setting up her elaborate imaginations and sharing them with Rosie.
Rosie has a great grin. We usually see it first thing in the morning, when she is the most rested. Sleeping is continuing to be a challenge for this little girl. She does not like to stay asleep for extended periods, and just when I think we've begun to establish a bit of a schedule, we have a day like today where she throws all that out the window.

Aw. Come on, Mom. No one's going to buy that.

This is Rosie in her most common position--both hands crammed as far in her mouth as she can get them. Fingers are her second favorite thing to eat, close behind what Mom provides. Her favorite activity is wriggling out of her socks. I hate socks. She also loves to "hug" my arms with her legs when I am changing her diaper, which I love.This girl is a champion nurser. She would rather eat than do anything else, including sleep, and has therefore become quite a spitter. We often call her "The Mad Bomber." She is really amazing with the surprise attacks, second only to Addie's skill when she was a baby. And her timing is impeccable. I just went into her room to attempt to put her back down for a nap. As I took her bib off, she immediately spit up, again and again and again, taking out her outfit, the carpet, and the rug. Amazing!

And the drool this one produces! I have had several people ask if she is teething because of the copious amounts of liquid pouring from her mouth. Her shirt is pretty much always saturated, even though we go through multiple bibs a day as we attempt to keep it dry. It still blows me away that every bit of liquid that comes out of her, came out of me first. No wonder I'm constantly chugging water.
But she is so sweet, nonetheless. She loves to be carried in what I call "Co-Pilot Position." I hold her upright in my right arm, and she immediately puts her left arm around me neck and grabs my right thumb with her right hand, like a joystock. And thus we navigate our day. She is very much a Mama's girl. She prefers to be held by me, and if she's not, she's watching me intently. The other night she was having a hard time settling down and Bracken was trying to calm her, unsuccessfully. I walked in and said, "Hi," and she immediately calmed down. Another night she was fussing and I went in to check on her. She looked at me, made eye contact, then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

She has a great profile. I sure do love those round, round cheeks. She has the cutest sneezes, too. She will usually coo in between each sneeze, as if to say, "Phew, I'm glad that's over." She does something similar when she's tired and doesn't want to sleep. She tries to talk to me while nursing until drowsiness finally overcomes her.
She's great at looking innocent. I've been asked if she's as easy going and content as she seems. I wish that were the case. In truth, she's a bit of a stinker. Most days are a vicious cycle of too short naps/sleep cycles, overeating to compensate for lack of sleep, excessive spit up as a result of overeating, and irritability. With the exception of the spit up, the same goes for me, too.

What? I would never . . .

In fact, I would say these two are definitely the most similar of my children at the point. Heaven help us all.


Missy said...

Mmmm, Rosie. I could nibble on your cute squishiness. Love you, Girl.

FrancesMarie said...

Does that mean they are going to be fighting each other all the time or the closest of sisters?