Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scariest and grossest thing today. We were gardening as a family, which is wonderful. Chloe decided we all needed to wear our gardening gloves. She found hers, Bracken already had a pair on, so she found me a pair in our old gardening box. I was doing something else, so I put on my left glove and just held the right one for a few minutes. When I looked down, I saw a spider egg sack on it, and it looked like it was moving! I poked it with a stick and it definitely moved. I set in on the ground and tore open the sack. A fully grown black widow came running out. I stomped it, as my heart stopped for a moment. I'm just so grateful Chloe wasn't hurt, and that I wasn't hurt, and that I noticed the egg sack. The Lord is aware of us in the small moments.

I had that reaffirmed as I just checked out my email and found that my brother Ben had not gotten the birthday package I sent him. Huge bummer, but oddly enough, though I never get insurance on the packages I send, I did get it on this package. Another blessing.

And on a less spiritual note, can I just mention something I've been thinking about? I've been trying to get into more of a shape before our trip to Cabo, and I've noticed something interesting. I'm simply amazed at how I can look in a mirror, and feel good about the progress I'm making. Then I step on the scale and look down at the weight. When I look up, registering the (usually) bad news, suddenly I look heavier in the mirror as well! Am I the only one this happens to?


Missy Jurgens said...

Okay, so just a few things. One: HOLY COW you are a brave and heroic woman! Thank heaven you found that before Chloe! Two: If you feel good about how you look, then baby, you look good! Forget the scale! If your energy is up and you feel great then that will reflect on the outside too! You're going to have a blast in Cabo!

Sandy said...

Oh man!! That would have totally freaked me out!

As for the scale...just get a permanant marker and write "It's all MUSCLE, baby" across the top of your scale. Then you don't have to feel bad about the numbers:) If you feel good about how you look, who cares about the scale -- no one else knows what it says anyway!