Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Bracken

Bracken celebrated his 35th birthday on the 27th. And the 28th. And the 1st.
Here he is opening the tennis ball dishes the girls made for him. We used empty containers as molds, filled them with plaster, and imprinted a tennis ball into them. When the dried, we painted them. I should clarify. Chloe painted. Addie ate paint. When she was done eating paint, she painted my face.

Then Bracken opened my most special gift to him. Bracken is a 3 gallon plus blood donor, and with the various tiers of blood donation, they give different recognition rewards. One of his coworkers has had a very cool green BloodSource shirt that Bracken has envied for months. Every time he has given blood, he has been disappointed when he hasn't received one. I made sure I set up a donation appointment for the week before his birthday, by myself (we usually go in together), and asked how I could possibly get one of those shirts for my husband. Turns out, all I had to do was ask, or get poked more than once. I was so excited to give it to him, and he was so happy to have it. They even threw in a special mug for him also.

At his parent's house that evening, Bracken got th'e first of his many special birthday desserts. He has been dieting, and working really hard. He hadn't had any desserts in over a month, and wanted to make his birthday count. The first dessert was a caramel cookies'n'cream cheesecake. This picture makes me laugh because Addie looks so mad.

His second dessert, which we ate at a small birthday gathering the next day, was a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and red and blue lettering reading "Happy 35th Bracken." He was very specific about every detail that he wanted.
Addie was much more specific about this second dessert, because as part of it, she got her first beater.

Chloe also got a beater. I have to say, one of my only concerns about the Kitchenaid is that it only produces one beater at a time to lick.

On the 1st, Bracken and I went out for his birthday date. We went to Tahoe Joe's, his favorite steakhouse, for dinner, then went car shopping. We then rushed over to his favorite ice-cream parlor, Leatherby's, and picked up Black and Tan's to go. We snuck them into the movie theater in my purse to enjoy while we watched The Dark Knight. It was a fun date.

I hope Bracken enjoyed his birthday. We sure are grateful for him and all he does for us. I love you!

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Missy Jurgens said...

happy b-day, bracken!!!!!!!! you are amazing!