Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reno, baby, Reno

On July 21st, we went to CircusCircus Reno for the night with our dear friends the Mills. I'm afraid this might be the extent of our summer vacation this year. Though it was short, we had a wonderful time. We had adjoining rooms, and Chloe couldn't have been happier to be able to spend so much time with Joshie. I'm so grateful for this friendship. The pictures to follow are in no particular order, and some are stolen directly from the Mill's blog. Thanks Ashley!

This is Bracken and I on the tram. I actually spent some time just riding back and forth on the tram with Chloe and Josh--free ride. And free show, at times. On our first ride on the tram, Chloe demonstrated her ability to pole dance. I'm a little scared.
Ashley and David on the tram.Ashley's friend James is a firefighter in Reno, and he let the kids dress up in his gear. Here is Chloe Firegirl.

And Parkeroni Fireman.
Chloe actually shot down a can with her cork gun. She also shot the attendant, some of the prizes, and a lot of air.
Joshy-o driving Mickey.

Chloe keeping her eyes on the road while Addie waves.
Playing the camel game, our favorite from our anniversary trip the previous year (we celebrated an early anniversary in July so we could see Michael Buble when he played Reno, and had a blast).

It was a very relaxing trip. I even had my own personal hairdresser.

Bracken's favorite game growing up was the clown game, where you shoot water into the clown's mouth and see who's stuffed animal rises the fastest.

Parker and Addie took a drive. I just love that smile.

We watched a circus dog show. Bracken and Chloe are in the center. Despite the fact that Chloe had been begging and begging for days before the trip to go to the circus, this was the only circus show we saw. We had a great time, though, and would do it again in a heartbeat.


Sandy said...

You guys have had a busy couple weeks! Great pictures! My favorite is from the birthday post where Addie is scowling while Bracken blows out the candles:)

BTW - LOVE your haircut!

Missy Jurgens said...

i love the kids in fire-suits, it looks like so much fun!

Katie said...

I love your hair Ruth!!