Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kids sing the darndest things

We were driving home from Grandma and Grandpa Mannion's house tonight, and Chloe started singing her favorite song of late.

I love my mommy
Oh yes I do-o
I love my mommy, I do
Oh mommy, I love you.

Then she repeats this with everyone she knows. Until she gets to Daddy. Then it changes to:

My daddy loves me.
Oh yes I do-o
My daddy loves me, I do
Oh daddy, you love me.

Tonight, since we had just left the company of her cousin, who can play a little rough, she added this verse:

I love my Syrus
He poked my eye
And then he bit me
Oh Syrus, he's a bad guy.

I laughed so hard I hardly noticed she managed to make it rhyme.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Heehee -- you have a little poet on your hands:)