Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is my face still red?

Most of the time, I love Facebook, except when it sucks my time. Most of the time I love catching up with old friends who make me laugh, via Facebook or blogs, though sometimes I'm sad when they make their blogs private, but I get over it. Most of the time I love my husband, unless he makes a comment like this on Facebook, and then I wonder.

Here's the whole exchange.

First day of class advice from my friend Topher: "Go in dressed like a nerdy teacher, and then take off your glasses and get all sexy. I do it every semester and it totally works."

Bracken Mannion
Bracken Mannion
Nice. I think my wife has a thing for him. She is bummed his blog has gone private... she thinks he is so funny! Chris if you can read this please add my wife....
Mon at 9:21pm

Seriously, though -- act all tough and hardline and then when you're nice later they'll feel like it's a gift.
Mon at 9:22pm
Bracken Mannion
Bracken Mannion
Play a different character each class...
Mon at 9:27pm
Ruth Geilman Mannion
Ruth Geilman Mannion
And now I'm totally embarrassed.
Mon at 9:31pm · Delete
Christopher Clark

Dear Ruth. I've known about this "thing" for some time. Let me know if you want a pic of me taking off my sexy glasses.
Mon at 10:03pm


Sandy said...

HAHA! That is really rather funny - at least you're owning it :)

Jake doesnt' have his own facebook account, so sometimes he posts comments on his friends' accounts under my name...nothing quite as bad as what you just posted, though, LOL!

Holly and Ryan said...

Ruth, you are awesome!