Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Maggie put her baby gym to good use today. This wasn't where I put her down, but it's where she was when I noticed her acrobatics.A minute later, she had rotated about 90 degrees.

And about 180.

And then a few more degrees just for kicks.
I know crawling is still months away, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for her to be mobile at all yet.


Missy said...

She is getting so BIG!!! My goodness! She has a super cute twinkle in her eyes that kinda make me want to nibble on her cheeks - a lot.

Sarah Eagar said...

I miss you today...I sure wish I could see those cute kiddos of yours...Christmas will be here soon, right?

Lindsay said...

Wow--she's growing up way too fast. I can't wait to see this cute babe! By the way--I think it's completely normal to be WAY nervous to have 3 mobile kids. I feel so outnumbered sometimes when I'm out in public and all three go three different ways...who do I go after first?