Sunday, March 21, 2010


I took a few minutes to capture my girls this morning before church because they were all just so cute.

Addie came running in declaring, "Mom, I put my tights on all by myself!"

It's hard to see in these pictures just how baggy and elephant like her legs were since she had not put on her tights, but Chloe's tights.

And she refused to keep her skirt down while I photographed her. But doesn't her hair look cute?

Then Chloe came out and started posing. As a result of her dance classes, she can now do the cutest curtsies.

And I love her smile. I love all my girls' smiles.

Though for some reason, no one is really smiling in this picture.

And here, no one is actually smiling at the camera.

But this little girl loves to smile at the camera. She just loves to smile, period.

And be just plain charming. Oh, how my heart melts.

It melts for each one of them, each doing their own thing, in their own way.

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