Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, this girl

If you can tell me how this kid could be cuter, please don't. Because I just don't think I could stand it.

She has the best cheeks for kissing and squishing.

And this smile, oh, this smile.

And this smile, with gums tightly pressed together, the new teeth that arrived the last week of January peeking out.

And the nose all wrinkled up as she smiles at Chloe.

And she loves to eat everything. Seriously--not a rejected food yet. She was a little hesitant about cereal, but she's warming up to it. However, when it comes to drinking, she absolutely rejects formula. As in gagging, dry heaving, rejects formula.

And then there's her personality. I have long maintained that 3rd children are either angels or demons, multiply and replenish or birth control. This one just couldn't be sweeter. We started gymnastics classes for Addie and Chloe in January. Addie's class is a Mommy and me class, so I keep Maggie in her seat, give her a bottle of juice, and hope for the best. And every week, she stays in her seat, drinks her juice, and watches the class, hardly making a peep.

She loves to entertain herself, and will just play and play as long as her sisters don't take away all her toys. They're going to have a harder time doing that now that as of today, she is officially crawling. And I'm going to have to become a better housekeeper.

Also today, as Bracken was walking out the door, he said, "Bye-bye." It was amazing. Okay, fine, it wasn't amazing. What was amazing was that Maggie then said, "Buh-buh," in reply. We were shocked. At the risk of making her think we were getting rid of her, we told her, "Bye-bye," a few more times, and she replied, "Buh-buh," every time. How did she get so big?
And cheesy?

I'm sure glad she came to stay with us. And so is Chloe, because now she eternally has someone to photobomb .


Missy said...

Can you Puh-LEASE come to disneyland so i can SQUISH her too???? I love, love, love that smile.

Lindsay said...

She is so adorable Ruth! I love those smiles. You need to come for a visit soon so I can squish that little cutey. :)

Wilkins Clan said...

I just pray that our new little girl will be half as good as she is! When you came over the other day I could not believe how good she was!!

kimberly said...

She IS cute!

Sandy said...

she IS adorable!