Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Um, yeah, so it's been a month and a half since I posted. I am awesome at blogging. But maybe this picture will help you forgive me.

It's been a pretty busy month and a half. I still haven't posted about Disneyland. Or my trip to Utah with all three girls all by myself. Or getting ready for a baby shower at my house justifying the facelift of my entire backyard. Or finally finishing the bathroom remodel. Or my baby sister visiting.

But I will.

Just not tonight.

Tonight I will mention a few favorites.

Addie singing, "SupercalifragilisticGetMeOutOfHere!" No idea where she came up with that.

Maggie growling, "Uh-Muh," in Cookie Monster voice while I'm getting ready to nurse her.

And Chloe telling me what she wants to perform for the Primary talent show is a rock star dance. I'm a little afraid. Because though I have not taught her these moves, she already knows how to drop it like it's hot and back it up.


Sandy said...

Wow - you've had a lot going on! Can't wait to see pics of everything you've been doing on the house - I need some inspiration! I can't believe how big Maggie is getting -a couple of teeth make all the difference!

kimberly said...

I frankly forgive you. ;)

English1 said...

Chloe - she'll keep life interesting! Reminds me of Janell at that age. And look at her now - an awesome woman/daughter! BTW (first time using that acronym - aren't you proud of me?), she and Peter are in Tokyo. Too much fun! fun to check in with you. Take care! :)- Dorene