Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pioneer Day Camping

We recently celebrated Pioneer Day. If you don't remember what that is, read here. This year we decided to camp out at our stake center the night before. The girls were very excited, as you can see below.
My very favorite moment of the whole campout was when I was walking with Chloe to the bathroom shortly after we arrived. We passed some drooping Lilies of the Nile and Chloe said, "Mom, I think those flowers are bowing to me. I think it's because they think I'm a god." There are no words.

There were a variety of other people camping out, but no other families from our congregation. Losers. It was fun camping. There were bathrooms nearby, grass to camp on, a movie with popcorn and homemade rootbeer (though I will admit, we ditched the movie because the kids were tired and it was Legacy, and Legacy hurts my testimony). The only wild animals were the packs of preteen boys roaming around, and one strange man who we heard state, "Since my wife left, my spirituality has increased like, 200%.

Even Maggie was very pleased with the experience.
The next morning, Addie woke up dry, and then when I took her to the bathroom, she went #1 and #2. It was pretty exciting. I also learned during that visit to the bathroom that 3 out of 4 children cannot flush toilets with the button flusher on top.

After getting dressed, we joined the crowds for the pancake breakfast. After breakfast, the activities started. Our stake really goes all out. There was a petting zoo, which Maggie thought was awesome.
We all got to touch a chinchilla for the first time.
Maggie just wanted to get back down with the animals.
There were 3 different bounce houses.
There were many crafts.
There was face painting.

There was a cotton candy machine.
Everyone enjoyed that. Well, it took a little coaxing with Maggie. In fact, Bracken had to pinch her nose so she'd open her mouth, then he shoved some in. We are wonderful parents.
There were horseback rides. Here's Addie on Janice.
Chloe was reunited with her beloved horse, Jet. She rode him last year on Pioneer Day, and has identified every brown horse she's seen since as "Jet."
There was slip'n'sliding.
There was sleeping on little hands, leaving finger marks on little foreheads.
I had a pie in competition over at the pavilion, and I won that blue ribbon!
It was all so exciting that even after we came home, Maggie wouldn't take a nap in her crib. She finally conked out, sitting up on the couch.
For those of you who could have attended, but didn't, you should pencil it in for next year. Chloe told me multiple times that it was the best day ever. Of course, she has said that about every day since her birthday, but hey, she's got a great life.


Sandy said...

I had many favorite things about this post, but I'm still laughing about "Legacy hurts my testimony". Awesome.

You look FANTASTIC, by the way!!! What the heck are you doing? You look like you had a baby like 3 years ago instead of 1 :)

Ruth M said...

Thanks. You are kind and lovely, and do not damage my testimony in any way. I've been doing Weight Watchers and attempting to exercise--some Pilates, water aerobics and backyard badminton. I do have this Pilates ab workout I set by my TV and then walked away from because I know it will hurt me. Maybe one day, once all of my millions of projects are done, I'll buckle down and do it.

Sandy said...

Well, whatever you're doing...it's working:) The doctor today asked me if I would describe my exercising as "light" or "moderate"...I was like -- in REALITY, or good intentions? (I have a nice stack of videos by the TV too...kind of like having an exercise bike with clothes hanging on it...) Right now I am watching the scale go UP far faster than I'd care for...so maybe 7 months from now I should do Weight Watchers :)

Sarah Eagar said...

What's up with your kids and their funny sleeping abilities. I had to look at that picture of Maggie twice to make sure you were serious about her being asleep. Holy cow!!