Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Prize, and the Price

The prize

The price
The prize
The price
The prize
The price--Several months ago as I was rummaging through the spices in the cupboard next to my stove, a glass jar fell out, hit the edge of my glass cooktop, and cracked it. It cracked across the smallest burner that I use the least, and I figured I could make do with only 3 burners on the stove. Then this week, I put a hand on the cooktop as I leaned over to help Chloe with her workbook, and cracked it right across the biggest burner that I use all the time. Suck. So, now I'm down to two working burners on my stove, and no budget to take care of it at the moment. And I need to can, because ripening produce waits for no one. So, I stuck my canner on the burner on the grill outside, which actually kept my kitchen much cooler. So, it ended up being a win. Except that I would prefer to keep my canner outside and yet still have a working stove inside.

But here's your helpful hint for the day. Boiling water takes out fruit juice stains. Just pour it over and they are gone, immediately. I'm amazed every time.


Sandy said...

Glad to hear that works - Jake keeps trying to convince me that I need to put the canner outside on a propane burner, but I've been afraid to try it.

With all the broken appliances you've had lately, I think its time to find another game show :)

Ruth M said...

I do need another game show. I think about it all the time.

And as far as canning outside goes, my aunt and uncle actually stage a big canning event outside every year with a tent and multiple propane burners going. They say it's much, much better.

Wilkins Clan said...

Ok what is up with your luck right now?? I'm so sorry. Have you ever heard of It is a site that people in your area post stuff they want to get rid of and people ask for stuff they need. The idea is to keep things out of the landfill. Anyway it might be worth a shot posting about a new stove top. Free is always in the budget!

Anyway the vanilla should be here any day and then I will bring it out your way.