Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloweenie 2

I wanted to find a way to write this post so that it actually seemed cute and witty, and not show-offy, but I can't. And truly, most of you probably have cuter displays at home, but I'm really enamored of my new decorations this year.

So here is my finished mantle, with the spooky animals I made and the fun banner I printed out. I talked more about that here. I looked all over my house, trying to find spooky books to use, and was about to print out some cute labels like my sister-in-law did, but I really was feeling lazy. Then I finally remembered that we have A WHOLE BOOKSHELF of Alfred Hitchcock books that are more than appropriate for Halloween.

I also love my black painted sticks. Glossy black spray paint is my friend. Especially when it costs $0.97 at Walmart.
And I still love Dollar Tree also. Because when I went back I found cute black glittery friends that I added red gemstone eyes to. And then there are my favorite flowers. I had let a few of my artichokes bloom, because they are beautiful (really, they are. Google it.), and then I let them die and dry out on the plant. I finally was pruning things back and cut off all the dead blooms, with no plans for them other than throwing them in the compost. And then, I had the epiphany. The wondrous thought, 'I could paint these black and they would be cool.' And they were. Amen.

This little guy and his creepy pet greet you as you come in the door.

These fellows have been with us for a few years, but were simple to make and still twist spookily in the wind.
And this sucker can still give me the willies.

The girls and I made this friend last weekend. I can't tell you how many times I have been walking to or from my front door and been totally startled and convinced there is a person sitting in my patio. The girls think he looks just like me. Awesome.
And finally, there's these friends. We made them tonight, and I think they're about the cutest little skeletons I've ever seen. They will be so cute out waving in the breeze in front of my house, but we ran out of daylight.

It wasn't until I was looking at the pictures that I realized I had unintentionally left our little boy one a little more masculine than I had intended. Better fix that.

Here's the skeleton tutorial, if you're interested. You definitely need 4 milk cartons.

Happy Halloween!


bates said...

mom would be so proud!

Sandy said...

Awesome, awesome!! Your mother would be totally proud...but where is the brain jello? :)

Janelle. said...

I don't know where you came from Ruth. How did one person get all that crafty talent...maybe one day my house can be as festive as yours! It's all awesome!