Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Engagement Picture, 2002

Sometimes I think my husband has Stockholm Syndrome. The other night I had a massive temper tantrum. The next morning, when I apologized and vented some frustrations, he gave me a big hug and told me how wonderful I was and how he doesn't know what he would do without me. Sounds like a "hostage expressing adulation and having positive feelings towards his captor that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victim, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from his captor as an act of kindness" to me.

Wedding day, 4 October 2002

But seriously, I am so grateful for my husband. He puts up with a lot, and still thinks he's got something good. I know I'm the one who really has something good here.

First Anniversary at the Madonna Inn

Every day, Bracken makes sure the dishes are washed and put away before heading off to work. He also does about 90% of the laundry, including folding and putting away.
Second Anniversary, Monterey Bay

Bracken is a very involved dad. Since Chloe was a baby, he's been in charge of bathtime. So every night, he gets the girls bathed and pajama-ed and usually gets their room all cleaned up, too. He often stops to tell me how much he loves them for various reasons. When I went to New York for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," he took care of the girls all by himself, a feat which would have many dads I know quaking in their boots.

December after our 3rd anniversary. I know there's a picture of us on our actual date, but I sure can't find it right now. But I know I was wearing that same sweater.

Bracken is wonderful at supporting whatever my latest whim is. He takes the girls when I fly to New York. Whenever I go to deliver flowers, usually leaving the house strewn with leaves and stems and small pieces of wire and ribbon, I return to find it neatly swept and vacuumed. He is always encouraging me to take time for myself, to go out by myself or with my girlfriends for an evening. He ignores the works in progress that clutter the house, and keeps his mouth shut even though I know it drives him crazy.

Anniversary 4, I think we're at Gunther's? I was going to guess Leatherby's, but they only give you half a cherry on your Sundae.

Bracken has a short memory. I'm often frustrated by it, but there are many times when I am incredibly grateful for his ability to forgive and forget and move forward.
5th anniversary, celebrated early with a trip to Reno for a Michael Buble concert.

Bracken is dependable. He works very hard to fulfill the responsibilities that he has been given, at work, at school, at church, at home. He is also stubborn. This frustrates me, but I am grateful for it also. I am a control freak, and I tend to think I'm always right. But I'm not. I'm glad Bracken can and will stand up to me when I need him to.

6th anniversary, spent on the couch watching General Conference

Bracken likes to bake. He will gladly step up and make the rolls or cookies or cake. On more than one occasion I have had to defer a compliment paid me for something he actually made.
October 2009. No pictures of the actual anniversary, but I finally remembered what we did (we spent a lot of time on our recent getaway trying to remember, but couldn't come up with anything). We went to dinner, and out for ice cream, but I canceled on our movie plans because I was just too tired. But it was a lovely date which Bracken had thoughtfully planned.

Bracken is long suffering. He allows me to dress him up in costumes (which he has hated since childhood) when I decide we need a family theme, or there's a theme at work (and he ends up winning second prize). He puts up with my projects and pitches in when I let him.
Anniversary date #8, a weekend getaway to Squaw Valley

Bracken is complimentary. He always tells me how beautiful I am. Sometimes I have a hard time believing him (like first thing in the morning when my hair is crazy and my mouthguard is giving me an overbite) but I know he always means it.
I sure am grateful that we found each other. Bracken, I love you. And now, to prove it, I'm going to go clean the house and do the dishes. And if, when you get home tonight, for some reason it doesn't look like I actually did those thing, remember that I thought about it, and it's the thought that counts, right? Happy Anniversary!


Sandy said...

I love that you knew which restaurant you were at because of how much of a cherry was on top of your ice cream. Just sayin'... :)

Happy anniversary you guys - I think you BOTH got a keeper!

gramma/mom said...

I second that emotion! You are and always have been beautiful, talented, caring, etc. etc. I'm glad you found someone who appreciates your wonderfulness!! :)
sheryl d

Wilkins Clan said...

Ok that is amazing. I know plenty of women who would be jealous ! Happy anniversary!! Love you both.

Missy said...

He's a good one for you, fo sho! I'm a fan, anyhow.
Happy Ann-i-ver-si-ary. Love you both like butter on a hot boiled monkey.

Katie said...

How has it been 8 years!? Wow. Congrats. Love to you both!
PS- those old pictures warm my heart.

Larissa said...

Hey, there, and thank you. Alas, I took off the retro star link when a helpful reader said it was broken. It's now a private blog. Here is a link to it from How About Orange, maybe you can swing an invitation.