Friday, December 10, 2010

A few morsels for you

Chloe and I were discussing privacy today.

"Chloe, if I tell you I'm going to take a shower, and go into the bathroom and shut the door, it means I need some privacy. I don't want you coming in unless it's an emergency."

"Like if I finish my apple and I really need a string cheese?"

No, not like that at all.

Addie and I were discussing Christmas presents.

"Mom, I really, really want Santa to bring me my big Ariel doll. I'm a really good girl. I'm so good, I'm so good I'm two girls!"

I wonder if both girls will fight over the one Ariel doll on Christmas morning?

Then there's Maggie. She likes to help lately. She picked up the tea set all by herself, as long as I said, "Yay!" every time she put something in. Then she dumped it all back out. Afterward, she moved onto the bathroom. I heard the toilet lid shut, and found she'd dipped my Swiffer duster in, and was merrily "cleaning" the bathroom with it. Those dusters hold a lot of water.

And finally, my win for the week. I was reposting an ad for my girls' bedding on craigslist. I didn't pay much attention as I uploaded the pictures because this is the umpteenth time I've reposted this ad (stupid, flaky people). When I got an email about the bedding a short time later, I was pretty excited until I read that she just wanted to let me know that the pictures attached to the ad were not of bedding but of this
When you hear CPS came by, you won't have to wonder why.


Brittany said...

Well it loks like you've been busy! Good luck with CPS, so funny!

Sandy said...

HAHAHAHA! I love it!

English1 said...

Love your new fam photo! - Dorene

Missy said...

At least she's cute and helps you learn exactly how absorbent something is. Hope you sell your bedding!
ps - please hug your girls from me cuz i want to.

Xana said...

Halarious! Thanks for the laugh.