Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I know where the time went

Periodically throughout the holiday break, I thought about blogging. I thought about keeping everyone up to date on our events, or at the very least, backlogging blog entries so that when I slurp them this year and finally print them, they can all be dated correctly.

Alas, this did not happen. And here's why. Chloe's last day of school was the 17th. That gives us 16 days of holiday. And in those two weeks plus two days, we:
  • Had 8 different houseguests, who slept a total of 6 nights at our house.
  • Spent one night, and two days away from our house.
  • Had one semi, and one very, boogery nose in the family.
  • Hosted a Christmas Eve dinner of Ham and all the trimmings.
  • Hosted a Christmas Day extravaganza, featuring my first Prime Rib and lots and lots of wrapping paper.
  • Were kept busy by many church activities and responsibilities.
  • Made gingerbread houses.
  • Looked at Christmas lights.
  • Visited the lighted Folsom Zoo.
  • Visited Old Sacramento.
  • Visited Stockton, and the Children's Museum there.
  • Had a girl's night and stayed up until 2.
  • Played at the beach and explored tide pools.
  • Made two trips to Ikea, and updated the girls' bedroom.
  • Switched from 12:30 church to 9 am church (hooray). Chloe is now in CTR 5, Addie is a Sunbeam, and oh, blessed day, Maggie is in nursery.
  • Taught one Relief Society lesson.
And after church on Sunday, the last day of our "vacation," instead of starting in on all the New Years plans I have, I firmly planted myself on the couch. And there I stayed for the rest of the day, intermittently dozing. And I thought to myself, "Blogging, schmogging." And it was good.

Pictures to follow, eventually.


Missy said...

You made me tired...again... just reading about all that you do.
Where do you find time?
You are too fabulous.
That's it.

Sandy said...

I haven't updated my blog since Halloween...Jake finally put a couple up to throw the poor relatives a bone :)

You guys sound like you had an amazing "break"...even though I agree with Missy - you made me tired reading your list!