Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My day in facebook statuses

Things I did post today on facebook:
  • Last night my baby proved she can sleep all the way through the night. And miraculously, so did I.
  • Maggie: That was bad manners for Addie to do that to me. I'm going to spit at her!
  • She's decided the right index finger is definitely the tastiest. I've never had a finger sucker before. It's awfully cute.

Things I thought about posting to facebook, but didn't

  • I knew the morning was going too smoothly when I actually had time to groom myself before driving Addie to preschool. Good thing I decided to brush her hair before grooming myself or I wouldn't have had time to work the gum out.
  • Why, oh why did I purchase the round, pearlized sprinkles? They were so pretty, but after last night's cookie frosting session, they are now rolling all over my kitchen floor.
  • I am just amazed at how much I can accomplish when my baby takes a decent nap. For instance, I made baby food, and not just inside my body.
  • I had no intention of staying in my pajama jeans all day today, but they were perfectly comfortable for the aerobic cleaning I did on my kitchen.
  • I laughed to myself at the library today as I watched a little boy wail while his toddler brother attacked him. I reassured the mom that I knew what she was going through since I had four kids myself. Then I realized I wasn't very reassuring in my scroungy clothes, scraggly hair, and pasty face.
  • Do the kids who come to play at my house return home with brilliant tales of the chaos they experienced while at my home?
  • The good news is that Addie is fine. The bad news is that Maggie just pushed her out of the top bunk of the bed. I think it's time for a nap.
  • Oh, good. She drew on her sister's pillow pet with a pen.
  • Everything my girls paint ends up brown. They've finally mastered rinsing their brushes and drying them, so they're not mixing up the colors on the palette, but they haven't yet learned that you can't layer wet paint.
  • So far Rosie has tried cereal and applesauce. Tonight I gave her more cereal, which she really wasn't that excited about, until I mixed it with carrots. She likes flavor!
  • Oh, I love cuddling a sleeping baby. I kiss her on the cheek and she smiles in her sleep.
  • So grateful that my dinners have been pleasing Addie lately. "My favorite!" is so much nicer to hear than, "I don't like this," every single night.
  • We frosted sugar cookies last night. I stayed out of them until about 10, and then it was all over. Why can't I eat just one?
  • Heading to my bed to read Little House on the Prairie to the girls. Love it.

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Laura said...

I think you should've posted them all. I love your updates and sometimes wonder if you're ok when I have to go too long without them.