Sunday, June 24, 2012

First and Last

 Recently the girls finished up their school years.  I can't believe how much they've changed.

Here's Addie on her first day, and her last day.

 Here's the dynamic duo of Addie and Maggie on the first and last days.

And here's  that cute little stinker of a Maggie last fall, just a little bit shorter and a little bit rounder than she is now.  She does still like to wear her shoes on the wrong feet.

And my Chloe girl, bravely heading off to her first day at a new school. 

And now she is just so much more grown up. 

 It really does break my heart a little bit.

 Outside her classroom, first and last.

Leaving class, first and last.

 It really blows my mind how quickly this year has gone. 


Anonymous said...

You are making me cry just a little bit!

What is up with the wearing the shoes on the wrong feet? Gage did that for about a year.

Ashley said...

And just think in 1 year they will be getting baptized! It is amazing how fast it goes. I also love that Chloe is swimming! I swam rec and in HS. It is a big commitment for the family as they get older, but I loved my swim team days.

Sandy said...

What lovely girls you have!

And P.S. - what is that flower thing on your door? I LOVE IT!