Sunday, October 7, 2012

Milking it

 A couple of years ago, I stumbled across this tutorial for making skeletons out of milk cartons.  Since we have a plethora of empty milk jugs around here, I decided I needed to make some. I made a girl and a boy, which used about 3 1/2 milk cartons each.   They have held up very well, and this year I finally made a small modification to the original tutorial.  Glitter!  I took the time to add black glitter to their eyes and mouths and accessories.  I love it.  I also decided that the original 2 were lonely, so during General Conference this year I was super righteous and made a couple more while I listened.

 So now I have two hanging in front of the garage, and two hanging from the trees.

Do you think it worries my neighbors that I have child sized skeletons hanging outside my house?  Do you think they count the number of kids I have with me whenever I leave the house?  Do they find it suspicious that suddenly, after living in this house for over a year, we are parking in the garage and they can't actually see how many children are leaving the house with me?

 After I hung this little boy skeleton this year, I started to think someone was messing with me.  Every time I came outside, his hands were down his "pants."  Then one day I pulled them out, stood outside talking to a friend about this, and in the time it took to tell her about this phenomenon, he managed to get his hands in there again!  Boys!

Hopefully this boy won't get up to similar tricks.
I am really looking forward to this little trick on Halloween, though.  Sticking glow sticks in their heads!  I think this will be the Halloween of glow sticks and glitter for the Mannions.

 I kind of want to make more skeletons.  What else should I put black glitter on?


Sandy said...

Those are rad - I bet my kids wished their mom was that cool, lol!

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, I am cracking up about your "boy" paragraph. They just can't help it! Okay, I cracked up at the whole thing. I noticed the glitter this afternoon, and Afton loved it, too. She badgered me the whole way home about making some for our house, too. :)