Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I forgot to include the best part of my day Monday. I went to bed early Sunday night, mainly because I was too grumpy to go on, and got up as late as I could Monday morning. I spent the morning taking care of kids, working on the computer, and not even thinking about getting dressed. Until the doorbell rang, and I remembered that my visiting teachers were coming over. I walked to the door, scrambling for some way to pull my whole self together in 10 seconds, and thought, hey, I'll just open the main door, but not the security screen, and then they won't see how bad I look, and then I'll run to change as they come in. Unfortunately, they had already opened the screen and got to see me in my full lack of glory. Oh, humility. Isn't it fun when it comes? I hurried and threw on some clothes and brushed my teeth, only to have Addie spit up on me a half dozen times while they were here. She epitomizes the quote, "Nothing nauseates a baby more than the smell of a clean shirt." And yet somehow, she still manages to be so cute I just can't stand it.

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Sandy said...

That is just classic. I still haven't figure out why the most important job in the world is also sometimes the most undignified...I am impressed that you had a clean shirt to put on the first place, though. One step ahead of me today!