Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This will be short because I'm trying to get this off quickly and short because I can't remember much happening this week. Seriously, I'm having major memory issues. However, I have meant to update my blog for days now and haven't, so here's what I've got.

However, I'm hopeful the memory issues will improve in light of the fact that Addie is making major sleep improvements! Over the weekend, Bracken decided I needed a good night's sleep, and he took over the feedings for me. I actually got 8 hours of sleep in a row on Saturday night! first time in over 6 months. The miracle is that Addie slept until 5 herself that night, and has only been getting up once the last few nights. I don't want to jinx it by saying something, but it looks like we are moving towards something good here. The other plus, is that she has been sleeping well without being swaddled, and that's also a good sign. Yay!

Chloe has been busy this week, as always. Our major breakthrough, is that I learned all of our reading to her has not been in vain, because most of the time it really doesn't seem like she listens, or likes it, or anything. Bracken was reading to her the other night, and decided to leave the last word off of every line in the book, and she filled it in, every time, in several books! I was so surprised, and happy. She's just so selective in when she chooses to speak, I don't often know what's going on in her head. She also surprised us last night by fishing the letter H out of her soup and identifying it. Then again, she called every letter "H" after that, but she did start off right.

She's becoming a good little mother. She was eating oranges on the floor as she sat next to Addie, and I looked over to see her sticking oranges in her mouth, and a toy in Addie's at the same time. She's already learning how to multitask.

We went and visited Santa last night. There were no tears from either child. I was pretty bummed. Last year Chloe screamed like you wouldn't believe, but I never got a copy of the picture. Is it too much to ask for a crying child Santa picture? I know, I'm a cruel mother.

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Sandy said...

Seriously, Ruth - reading your blog I sit here going, "Me too! Me too!", haha:) I have had some major memory/fatigue issues, too. Probably mostly from not getting a full night's sleep in years...but there were a few other things that helped. Email me if you want the gory details:)

I'm laughing about your Santa story, too - this is the first year I have NOT had screaming Santa pictures and I was thrilled:)

BTW - I just peeked at your blog links and I am totally blown away by your siblings little families! SO weird to see your brothers all grown up, for one, but my goodness there is a beautiful bunch of grandchildren going on!