Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yeah, that's right. Instead of working on my lesson for Young Women's tomorrow, or helping my husband make cookies to deliver, I'm blogging. I just wanted to share two stories from our evening before I forgot. We went out to eat dinner, and both girls were behaving pretty well. Addie was starting to grumble, but was keeping it pretty low key. Then all of a sudden, she suddenly let out this loud yell, startling all of us, and the customers at the next table. It sure made us all laugh.

We went to the grocery store after that. Chloe kept up her regular routine of running, climbing on the cart, riding on the outside of it, begging to be put in it, and immediately begging to be taken out of it. I was looking for something on a shelf, when Bracken asked, "Does she do this often?" I looked at Chloe, who was in the cart for the moment. Fed up with her hair in her eyes, and tired of wearing her hat, she was licking her hand and trying to slick back her hair with it. Oh, she's a funny one.

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Sandy said...

There's a girl in our primary who is always licking her hands and smearing it in her hair...but there is usually a good dollop of snot in there, too...Chloe sounds much more refined:)