Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since Bracken is half Irish, St. Patrick's Day is an important holiday around our house. I had big plans, but didn't execute all of them. Several weeks ago, we made cards with potato stamps. I'm still cleaning up glitter. I also did manage to prepare a corned beef and cabbage dinner, with Irish soda bread, as well as a pistacio salad, because it's green, not necessarily because it's Irish. Ironically, that was the only part of the dinner Bracken really liked, but I sure love corned beef, so it all works out. We also followed some leprechan footprints to find his gold. Next time, though, I need to plan ahead and buy the gold when Chloe is not with me. Why does she have to be so smart? And so old? I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

She has been cracking me up lately. I was in the bathroom the other day, and she knocked on the door. She said, "Mom, I miss you. I want to talk to you." Oh, it's mostly nice to be missed after only seconds of separation.

Another day she was sitting on my lap, and said, "Momma, I take my head off," and started pulling. I guess it's time to upgrade her from my old Barbies. Not that new Barbies will give her correct ideas about anatomy, but at least their heads should stay on.

She is also very into her magic wand right now. It's this random piece of plastic that looks like a piece of spaghetti, but it is magical to her. We listen to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo for hours on repeat while she waves her wand around. Bracken, not understanding the importance of this piece of plastic, had to go fish it out of the garbage bin where he had mistakenly placed it the other day.

Currently Chloe is wearing her swimsuit over her clothes and begging to go swimming. I have a feeling I will have to let her experience just how cold it is still at 9 in the morning before she'll stop.

Addie is also quite funny. She was staring at me from her high chair last night and I realized her resemblance to Hannibal Lechter. The bald head, the red rimmed, unblinking, piercing blue eyes, the quivering lip, and the desperate desire to eat me. I'm including a video of a recent bath of hers. Unfortunately, the sound isn't coming through, so just imagine a sudden, piercing shriek as she picks up the washcloth.


Sandy said...

I'm impressed with you on several levels: a.) that you were so ambitious on St. Pat's day (although I was raised better...I didn't do anything yesterday other than wear a green shirt...by accident), b.) that you like corned beef (I'm not a fan, although we used to have it on St. Pat's day, too, with potatoes and LOTS of mustard to cover the taste), c.) that Chloe actually knocks on the door while you're in the bathroom rather than barging in -- but then, this is the first house we've lived in with door locks that actually work, so that may be our problem!

Your girls are so stinkin' cute - and how fun that you have a little redhead for St. Patrick's day:)

Debbie said...

It was so good to see you last weekend. And I've just enjoyed looking at your blog and your oh so scrumptious girls. We miss you guys!