Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Like most of the Mormon free world, we traveled to Utah for Christmas this year. (Seriously, how is it possible that we didn't run into anyone else we knew from out of town?) We had a great trip, clear weather for driving, and lots of fun time with family while we were there.

Addie's first sledding run, in a swimming pool with cousin Emerson, pulled by Uncle Matt.

"Honestly, what is this stuff?"

Owen attempting the run in a car. He needed more extreme run options after his dad banned him from sledding down the steps. Packer didn't get the memo, and a few minutes later bloodied his lip on the stairs.

Whole herd of sledders.

Bracken and Addie heading down.

Chloe making the snow angel she'd been dreaming of.

Joseph joining her for number 2.

Duck, duck goose in the kitchen after sledding.
Addie on the stairs. She spent most of the day there. She would climb the stairs, do a circuit around all the other people, the return to the stairs. Up and down, all day long.

Christmas morning, opening stockings.

Chloe seriously was thrilled to get an apple and orange. She ate her apple before anything else that day. And then ate Addie's apple, which was okay with Addie because Addie was busy lapping out of the dogs' bowl.
Santa brought Chloe a dollhouse for Christmas, which was a huge hit with everyone, especially Addie.

Elizabeth also enjoyed it, which made her mom happy since Elizabeth has two older brothers and usually just plays with boys toys.

Can you say impish?

Seriously focused on eating her Christmas "chicken."

Our exhausted, but happy, family Christmas afternoon. Thanks to Lindsay for taking all the pictures I didn't, and with a better camera, too.

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Missy said...

Love the new look on your blog!!! I failed to mention that I thought Bracken's cap "announcement" was a really, really cute idea! I'm so glad we were able to see you over Christmas. We sure love your family! (Impish faces and all.)