Monday, February 2, 2009

Keep on scrolling

So there are 4 more new posts after this one today. I finally uploaded all our Disneyland pictures. Here are a few more from home.

Gilllian Xiotia Saldana entered the world the Wednesday before we left! We were so happy we got to meet Bracken's sister Eden's new little one before we left town. We haven't been able to see her again since because all us girls are sick with colds, again, but we sure think she's cute.

Addie has continued to eat. She would like to share her spaghetti with you.

What? You don't want any? That makes her mad.

One day while I was getting dressed, the girls were suspiciously quiet. I found them buried in all the throw pillows in the house which had mysteriously migrated to Chloe's room.

I don't have pictures, but I did do something amazing this week. I actually neatened, dusted and vacuumed my house. First time in months. I even got all the unpacking from our trip done within 2 days. Bracken was shocked when he came home from work that day.

And that's about it for us right now. Hopefully we'll be doing something fun again soon, if we can all get healthy.



Tanja said...

Oh what fun! It's a wonderful thing to have a clean home. I haven't had one in awhile...which must be why I've been in a crabby mood.

Sandy said...

The pictures of Addie eating are hilarious - she seems like such a little character! You got WAY further today than I did. I got exactly one load of laundry done today...and that's about it.

Lindsay said...

Your Disney Land trip looks so fun! It makes me want to take the boys so bad--I know Owen would just love seeing all the characters. Maybe we will wait another year so that Emerson will enjoy it too--just as much. We might have to join you guys on your next trip :)

Missy said...

I LOVE the picture of Addie and her spaghetti. What a riot! Could it be possible that the sauce makes her hair look even MORE orange? Ew, I love that girl.

Robin said...

Stopped by your blog just to see whats up and it looks like plenty! What a cute family you have and congrats on number 3. Hope you're feeling well! i've got more lillies for you!