Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip day 3 and Disneyland day 2

Sunday morning, I had a bit of an attitude problem. We planned to spend the day visiting friends, but when I checked the weather for the day, I saw that Sunday was going to be the only day with sun, and that there was more rain in the forecast for the next 2 days, which were to be our final 2 days in the park. I sulked for a little while, but got over it after a visit to the breakfast buffet. Yup, that's right. We attended the church of the breakfast buffet and the Australian Open that day. I did check on church times of various friend's wards, but none of them really worked with our schedule for the day and we decided to just spend the day taking it easy.

We had a great time visiting the Bautistas, Bunkers and Steeles, and would like to thank Valerie again for dinner and letting the girls destroy your house. Again, the offer stands for all of you to come visit. It was so nice to see everyone. We certainly miss you, though not enough to move back to the LA mess.

To my surprise, Monday morning dawned clear and sunny. It was still a bit brisk, but it was dry and we were so happy. We headed straight to Tomorrowland and rode the Nemo submarines. Both girls just loved it. Next we went to Autopia. Chloe loved it.

Addie, not so much. She was pretty tired at that point, and conked out shortly thereafter.

So she didn't get to say hi to Tinkerbell. Chloe almost didn't either since she refused to get out of the stroller, but Tinkerbell was very obliging. Chloe had earlier refused to meet Mary Poppins or Alice and the Mad Hatter. This pattern continued throughout the rest of the visit. Forgive the quality of all our character photos. There is a Disney photographer there also, and they compile all their photos of you, and you can view them online and purchase them, but I haven't even looked at them yet. And I probably can't afford to purchase them.
We, of course, rode the carousel again.

And then we met Captain Hook. Sorry, Josh, Chloe refused to say hi. Addie was willing, though. And we all laughed when after Hook saw that Tinkerbell had signed our autograph book, he threw it on the ground in disgust.
Before we entered the park that morning, we bought the girls ear hats. Biggest waste of money. Forget the image I had of my cute kids wearing cute hats as they excitedly climbed on all the rides. Chloe loved hers until she couldn't get her name embroidered in dark brown (?). Then she refused to wear it. Addie just wasn't interested. We did snap a couple quick photos of the 2 seconds they each wore their hats. And vowed not to waste anymore money on souveniers.

After lunch, I got a delicious caramel apple and the girls got more suckers. Addie again very much enjoyed hers.

Here's the family on the Jungle Cruise. They've added piranhas!

Could she be any cuter? We had a couple moments together while Dad and Chloe climbed the Tarzan treehouse. I pleaded my belly and begged off that one.
Addie got to meet Winnie the Pooh. She was so cute with him, patting his nose. Chloe refused to say hi.

Sometimes, I just think the tops of my kids heads are the cutest things, so I had to get a picture. They loved the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Chloe was willing to meet day-glo Tigger. Addie preferred to play with the props.

Chloe was also willing to meet Minnie Mouse. She even stood right next to her.

And both girls loved playing in her house. I'm not sure what I'm reading so intently, but it looks important.

Then we went to Mickey's house. Chloe was so excited to meet him, and we thought for sure we were going to get a great picture.
Nope. She chickened out at the last minute.

The girls in a Toon Town car.

Inside the cage of the Casey Junior Train. I've never been on it before.
After the train ride, it was time for Phantasmic. We really wanted Chloe to see it. Here's the background. Chloe has never seen fireworks. She talks about them all the time. We celebrated her birthday with family on the 4th of July, and headed down to the fireworks display that night. She fell asleep before we were off our street. The poor kid falls asleep everytime we try to see fireworks. In looking at the Disneyland schedule before we left, I was disappointed to see that there wouldn't be fireworks while we were there. But, there would be Phantasmic at 7:30 and there were fireworks in that, and I was sure she could stay awake until then.
At 7:25 we stopped to buy some popcorn since she'd been asking for some. At 7:27 when we offered her some of the newly purchased popcorn, she was out cold. There was no waking her up. Once again, no fireworks for Chloe. We watched a couple minutes of the show with Addie, then headed home. She was also asleep before we got there. It had been a really fun day. We went on lots of rides, many more than I've mentioned, and the girls had a really good time, I think. They slept well that night.

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Seriously, I wish we had gone with you!!! Your pictures look so fun.