Monday, February 2, 2009

The Wedding

The main reason we headed down to LA was not to go to Disneyland. It was to attend the wedding of our friends Carolyn Peterson and David Smith. We were all in the singles ward together in Glendale. At one point, Bracken was the Elder's Quorum President, Carolyn was the Relief Society President, and David was the Ward Mission Leader, so they all spent a lot of time together. When we pulled up to the Manti temple on our wedding day, Carolyn and David were the first people we saw. They were not, however, a couple at that point. Thank goodness they finally figured out that they should be. We are so happy for the two of them.

On Saturday, Bracken was able to attend their sealing, while I refereed the girls outside. That Addie sure gave me a run for my money. How is it physically possible to be that busy? Chloe decided to fill the time with Amateur photography. She's brilliant, right?

Here's the happy couple exiting the temple. It had been raining all morning, which as we personally know is good luck, but it cleared up before they came outside.
We didn't take a lot of other pictures that day, but we had a great time. We attended their luncheon after the sealing, and got to visit with the both of them for a while. That evening, we attended their reception, and got to chat with a bunch of old friends. Here we are with Eva Solomon Wade, and the mom of another friend.
By that point, the girls were just done, and once again, we saw neither the cake cutting or the bouquet throwing. Oh well. It was a fun day*, and we were so glad we could be there to support our friends. Congratulations once again!
*Okay, so there was one negative. By the end of the day, I was so tired of answering the question, "So where does Addie get her red hair?" I could scream. I realize that Addie has incredibly, unusually red hair. Next to her hair, many redheads do not look like redheads anymore (i.e. my friend Missy's little boy Will). And I know my hair color is not as vibrant as it once was, and I don't want it to be as red as Addie's, but come on! I'm so paranoid now, I was actually relieved and surprised to see my hair looked red on TV and in our family pictures. And on that note, how can people think it's fair to only notice and compliment one of my children? They are both beautiful and I love them and I'm starting to worry about the psychologicial ramifications this is going to have on them. Aarggh!


Tanja said...

You very clearly are a red head. People are weird that way and I am highly annoyed by stuff like that. I once said to a ward member that I would love to have 1 child with hair color like mine. They replied..."Well, you have 3 blondies...what else were you hoping for?" I AM NOT BLOND! I had a few blond hightlights added. I had another person the following week refer to me as a blond and I immediately had my hair guy take me back to my natural color, BROWN...just so everyone was clear. Anyhow, great pics & glad you all had a great vacation.

Sandy said...

I agree with Tanja - I can't imagine what color people THINK your hair is, if its not red...I mean, come on. That's just silly. Your family was known as "the redheads" when you first moved to SLO, for crying out loud! I have the same issues with my kids - I think people try to overcompensate with Kimball for her cleft lip scars, not realizing that a.)its a total non-issue to her and us, and b.) that in the process, the other kids are completely ignored. I'm not sure how to politely say, "Would you like to compliment my other children, too?" So if you figure that one out, let me know:)

Jerry said...

That's funny that people can't tell that you are OBVIOUSLY a red head! People as me all the too where Jonah got his red hair, but I am not a red head, so it doesn't really bother me. But I have a feeling it would if I had another child without red hair. Because EVERYONE we meet comments on Jonah's hair.