Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wadoo! Wadoo!

Well, our house has been pretty dull since St. Patrick's Day. Chloe still talks about the leprechan and his footprints every day. And every night she prays for the Easter bunny to come. I had hoped that telling her about his upcoming visit would distract her from the leprechan, but I'm not sure the result is any better.

We have been playing outside a lot in our mostly beautiful weather. The other day we actually broke out the swimsuits and sprinkler. I love those little bodies.
Addie, who loves water and gets excited by any representation of it, wasn't too impressed with the sprinkler.
Chloe, however, had a blast.

She is my little dancer. She even looks graceful when she sleeps. However, don't tell her she's cute or even beautiful. As she constantly corrects me, "Mom, I'm not cute. I'm crazy."
The other morning, Addie woke up and didn't want to be picked up until I had put every bow on her dresser in her hair. I think she will be my girly girl. She loves to get dressed and put on accessories, whereas Chloe would stay in her pj's all day.
This last weekend we spent a little more time with the water. And boy was I kicking myself. Some friends invited us out to Folsom Lake with them for a picnic. In all the time we've lived here, I've never been out to the lake. It took us less than 15 minutes to get there and was so beautiful. We went to the Beal's Point recreation area, and though I could cite the $7 entrance fee as a reason not to go, the truth is, we should have been spending a lot more time out there.

Here's Bracken with his girls, and some one else's random child. Addie is just dying to leap into the fresh melted water.

Doesn't the water just look magical?
Addie just loved it, especially with a stick in hand.

Autumn, Isaac and Chloe.
Fat head momma keeping Addie out of the water.

After we got home that day, while Addie was napping, Chloe watched Ghostbusters with us. She kept turning to me and saying, "Mom, it's about a ghost named Buster. Where is Buster?" I couldn't explain it to her satisfaction.


Missy said...

Oh wow! The lake looks beautiful! I love the picture of Chloe in it - that is priceless and she's a beauty (if she asks though, I meant crazy.) Glad you guys had fun and your yard looks great!

Tanja said...

While I noticed how wonderful your children are...I have to say I was most impressed by the greenness of you lawn...truly amazing to me!!!

kimberly said...

I've never been there either...it looks beautiful. I can't believe how much Isaac has grown! Willis and I taught him in primary before we moved. He's huge!!! Oh, and btw, you do not have a fat head. Just thought I'd throw that out there! ;)