Friday, April 10, 2009


The other morning we were attempting to read the scriptures as a family before Bracken went to work and he read this from the Book of Mormon.

Mosiah 4:14 And ye will not suffer your children that they go hungry, or naked; neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another . . .

And I thought, 'But they tell me they're hungry all the time, even after they've thrown away their half eaten food, having told me seconds before that they're full. And they really like to be naked. And if I didn't let them fight and quarrel with each other, what would they do all day?' Probably fight more with me.

And as far as transgressings the laws of God goes, we went to the mall yesterday with our friends Ashley and Joshie and Parker to play on the indoor playground. The kids all just tend to run wild in there, and Addie escaped to the other end of the playground. I looked over to find her into some woman's stuff. When I got closer, I found that she had taken a big slurp of the lady's chai latte, then dumped it all over herself. So, 19 months old and she's broken the Word of Wisdom. Great. I do feel badly that she ruined the rest of the woman's drink, though I have to say, why was this woman leaving her drink unattended in a small play area which is overflowing with children and has no tables?

And lets talk about Easter. We had a special Family Home Evening lesson on Monday, which focused on the last week of Christ's life. We used pictures from the Gospel Art Kit and really tried to emphasize the key role of the Savior's resurrection and atonement. And yet every night, Chloe prays for the Easter bunny to come and bring her eggs and a chocolate bunny, and roses for me. The part about the roses for me is very sweet. What's not so sweet is that after I've finished our family prayer, and asked for help keeping the real meaning of Easter in our home, she reprimands me for not praying for the Easter bunny.

I'm starting to think that the horrible carpal tunnel pains that shoot through my left arm at night this pregnancy are just to give me a taste of the burning pains of hell I will be feeling when I face judgement for these little heathens I'm raising.


Missy said...

If you're going to be in hell than at least I can rest assure myself in your company. :0) Have you ever seen Hoodwinked? If so, was Addie's reaction to the Latte similar to Itchy's? I hope so. Not for your sake, but comedic value. Sonic Boom.

Tanja said...

Did I ever to tell you about my first shoplifting experience? No, it wasn't was with Spencer, when he was 2 1/2 years old. It's a lovely story that would make you feel much better.