Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 princesses, a prince, a dragon and a tired old hag

When we asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween this year, we were not surprised that Chloe and Addie wanted to be princesses. Chloe started out wanting to be Snow White, but changed her mind to Cinderella. Addie of course was a natural Ariel. I asked what the rest of us should be, and Chloe said Dad should be the prince (Because as she tells me daily, she's going to grow up and marry him one day and then she'll be the mom. And though we tell her she can't marry Dad, part of me thinks it might be nice to trade responsibilities. Yes, I will gladly take a daily nap.). I asked what I should be, and she said, "The witch." Thanks so much. We tried to think of a princess for Maggie to be, but ultimately decided to trot the pterodactyl costume out again and call it a dragon in keeping with our royal theme.

Here is Princess Cinderella

I had enough left over fabric to make her a little cape to wear trick or treating. Because I'm kind of crazy, and I still vividly remember hating having to wear a coat over my Halloween costumes as a kid. Plus, it still doesn't really feel like fall here.
And here's our Princess Ariel. Addie was so excited to be a "Marbead." She would stop and sing a few bars of Ariel's song on command, but the song got shorter and shorter with each repitition. It was about 3 notes at the end.
She also had a crown and earrings, but they didn't stay on very well, and thankfully she decided she didn't want to wear them after all.
Here are my princesses, ready to head out the door to Trunk or Treat.
Escorted by their handsome prince. The witch had had her first carpal tunnel surgery that morning and decided to stay home with the dragon.
At Trunk or Treat, they were joined by another witch and a pirate.

Halloween night we all went Trick or Treating as a family. When the witch idea first came up, I'd thought, I could be Snow White's wicked stepmother. You know, a hot witch. Though my surgery had gone really well, I'd also come down with a cold and 36 hours post op, I just wasn't feeling very hot. So I ended up looking much more like Snow White's wicked stepmother after she drinks the potion and turns into an old hag. Saved me lots of time on makeup. And thank heavens I still had an old witch cloak from high school hanging around.

Here's Prince Charming taming the dragon. The round cheeked, teething dragon.

Look how cute they are all lined up at the door.Addie just ran for each door. She was so excited.

No really, she was. And after they would give her candy, she would tell the people, "Thank you. I love you, too."
Bracken's favorite part of the evening came after they all returned with their booty. Me and Maggie had called it quits a little earlier. The doorbell rang and Bracken opened it to a crowd of trick or treaters. He was a little shocked when a girl took a call on her cell as he was putting candy in her bag. All in all, it was a fun Halloween. On to Christmas. I thought we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving next, but I went to the mall and Santa was already there and the stores were playing Christmas music, so I guess we're skipping gratitude this year.


Sandy said...

You did an amazing job on those costumes! I'm very impressed! K and H were princesses, too, but my Mom made those costumes - I can't claim any sort of princess-dress-sewing-skills this year.

Missy said...

Okay, once again you have shined as the costume goddess and I grovel at your toes. I LOVE THE PRINCESSES. I want a princess.