Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slushy fail

My family has a slushy problem. We have a Sonic locally which is fairly convenient to a good amount of the errands I run. My children are conditioned to beg for slushies whenever we are out. And I use it as a bargaining chip or bribery, and often just give in because it's happy hour. I mean, how can I do better than a 50 cent slushy? However, if it's not happy hour and my kids are already sucking lollipops as a reward for being good at the doctor's office, and the dashboard is flashing an indicator light causing me to stress about repair bills we can't afford, I decline the slushies. Like today.

So Chloe begged to make one at home and I thought, I've got some strawberries in the freezer that need to go away and yogurt and ice, which will make a healthier slushy anyway, and said, "Okay." I put Maggie the insomniac down for a nap and we started to make the slushy. Frozen orange juice--check. Frozen strawberries--check. Skim milk--check. Funny noise from the blender--dang it, check. We powered through, and Chloe wanted to get the yogurt from our fridge all by herself. She did, I added it while refusing her desire to press all the buttons on the blender herself, and we finished the slushies. I served them to my waiting baby birds, then started to clean up.

Our fridge has french doors and a bottom freezer. The yogurt lives in the left hand side of the fridge. The skim milk lives on the right. I opened the right hand door and was assaulted by half a cucumber and a container of something moving too fast for me to identify. It revealed itself to be sourdough starter when it splattered all over the floor. For a moment I tried to figure out how I had balanced things in the fridge in such a way that this could happen, and then realized it wasn't me. All the other objects stacked haphazardly in the left hand side of the fridge revealed the true culprit. Chloe!!! Note to self--do not let Chloe retrieve things from the fridge herself. Of course, this means you'll have to get up off the couch more often to get her things. Oh, the dilemmas of life.

So I sent her to timeout, mainly because I needed to not see her while I cleaned up her mess. Then she came back, returned to slushy eating, and I went to check on Teethy McCry Face. I tried in vain to get her to sleep, then returned to check on the other two. And found Addie attempting to fill the toothpick dispenser with slushy.

Next time I'm just going to shell out the full dollar to Sonic.


Missy said...

We should invent the couch-refrigerator. Think it'll sell?

English1 said...

Ruth, once in awhile, I drop in on your blog, not only to catch up on how you, Bracken and the kids are doing, but also to thoroughly enjoy your witty, intelligent, you-crack-me-up narrative! This entry transported me back in time to a full mold (though new to the refrigerator and therefore not even remotely thickened) of red jello that toppled from the fridge to the floor, under the fridge, onto the white cabinets, onto me, and everything else in the kitchen. When they talk about blood splatter on a crime show (not that I ever watch those icky parts), this is what I picture. Unfortunately, I was the culprit and had only myself to blame - always in a hurry! I gave myself a timeout! Thanks for the fun entry!

Sandy said...

I think it would be a wise choice to ask Santa for a kitchen-size wet-vac for Christmas this year :)