Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Who's that in the Happy New Year hat?

It's me, Maggie! Hi! Happy New Year! (Seriously, could she be cuter?)

And there goes the hat.We let the girls dive into the gingerbread house.
They were so excited.
Crazy excited.
But that only lasted until they realized that they didn't like most of the candy on the house. And it was hard to get off. So they drowned their sorrows in bubbly.
Then we headed outside for fireworks at midnight. Or rather, sparklers at 8 pm. Yup, we are wild and crazy around here.
Chloe went dancing into the yard with hers.

While Addie preferred to stay close and attempt to burn the house down.Here's to finally being done with 2009! We were awfully glad to bid it farewell.

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