Sunday, February 7, 2010

We love you, Ronald

We have made the trip to Utah enough times now that we know the good places to stop through the endless hours of Nevada. In other words, we know which McDonalds to stop at. The one in Winnemucca has a good playground/employee daycare. The one in Elko has a great playground. And an extra special statue of Ronald McDonald in that playground. One that my daughters developed a special relationship with.

Oh, Ronald. I love your hair.
And your strong, stripedy arms.

I could lie in them for hours.
It's my turn to lie in his arms!
I love him the most! Go away!

Ah, now she's gone. You're mine, all mine.
Now I can squat in your arms forever.
And love you and squeeze you.
And kiss you. Mmmm, you taste like ketchup.
Fortunately I still have one daughter who prefers food from a natural redhead.

1 comment:

kimberly said...

I love it and yet am disturbed all at the same time. :)