Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas Day

For Christmas, Maggie got a wonderful gift. The ability to sit unassisted. Those delicious cheeks she already had.

She also got some new toys which occasionally her sisters and her Aunt Kiki let her play with. And seriously, those cheeks are killing me.
Christmas afternoon, the masses descended on my parents house. 6 Geilman kids, 4 spouses, 10 grandkids, 3 Sutherland kids, 2 spouses, 4 grandkids and 1 fiance, plus Dad and Vicky. Here's Brigham showing off his new toolbelt to master craftsman Al while Dustin and fiance look on.
Me, Sarah and Heather. I'm wearing my "Most Spirited" award-winning Christmas sweater.
Dad, Matt and Peter. I remember when they all had hair.
Geilman girls.
Slightly random group shot, but seriously, how gorgeous is my sister in the lower left hand corner?
Lindsay and Maggie.
Addie was a little late to the party after taking a much needed nap.
We had such a wonderful Christmas. The best part was being with so much family. And great food. But mostly family.

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Ashley said...

At first I thought the hair picture said, Dad, Matt, and Peter remembering when they had hair. Either way, great caption. Fun pictures.