Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baking in Bakersfield

 Dear Bakersfield Walmart,

It has already been conclusively established that Bakersfield is the worst.  It is hot, it is dusty, it is boring.  It is even worse when you have packed up your RV and left San Clemente and family behind, which is sad.  And then you find it necessary to stop at the Walmart partway through your seven hour drive to Yosemite.

Bakersfield Walmart, you added a whole new level of hell.  Your store was hot, and confusing.  It took me many laps to find some very basic necessities that were not in logical places.  As I tried to shop and hurry out to rescue my baking children, and husband in the car, I texted my husband to complain about the store.  He texted back that at least I wasn't stuck in there with a screaming baby.  Touche.
She screamed herself to sprawled out, stretched out sleep.
 I finally made it to the front of the store, my toilet paper and sundries finally collected.  I had a bag of ice in my cart, a bag I had grabbed as I walked in the store, back when I was still under the impression that this would be a quick trip.  It was difficult to pick which line to stand in since they were all equally long.  I managed to pick the one with the slowest cashier, so that was fun.

And then, oh Walmart, what a delightful treat you had in store for me.  An employee approached me and informed me that my ice was melting.  I replied, "Well, I've been in line for about 3 days, so I'm not surprised."  She looked to the couple in front of me for support, who replied, "Yes, we've been here for 4."  She turned back to me, "But it's melting and getting on the floor."  I had no idea what she wanted me to do about it. 

She left and came back with a bag for my ice.  I told her she could just take it because I didn't want the melted ice any more.  She took the ice and went and chatted with another coworker for a while, no doubt telling her how impossible I was being by not keeping my ice from melting, or not having a pocket mop to clean my mess up.  Honestly, I really do try to be polite and nice to most store employees.  I know whatever problem I'm having is generally not their fault.  But by the time this one returned with a glare and a handful of paper towels, I was ready to give her a piece of my mind, to the tune of, "If you have time to make 3 different trips to my cart, YOU HAVE TIME TO OPEN A REGISTER AND HELP SOME OF US GET OUT OF THIS HELL!"

I didn't say this though.  I just waited with my mouth shut, and grabbed a new bag of ice when it was eventually time for me to check out.  I finally left, we continued on our journey, and arrived in one piece at our campground outside Yosemite that night where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and campfire and smores.  Despite your best efforts, Bakersfield Walmart, you did not ruin our day!

 I hope there's not a next time, Bakersfield Walmart.  I sincerely hope there is not.  But if there is, you better watch yourself.  Because you were very close to me pulling out that camping hatchet I bought, and using it on something.

No regards,

P.S.  My very favorite part of of very long day came just as we were nearing Yosemite.  We saw our first forest wildlife.  As Bracken excitedly pointed out the two deer to the left of the RV on the windy two lane road, I yelled at him to watch out for the other deer about to dash in front of us on the right.  I'm just glad Bracken was driving.  My track record with avoiding hitting deer is not good.

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