Sunday, May 5, 2013

The End of the Road

 We had debated going back into the park on Friday, the last day of our trip.  There was so much more to do and see.  But, once we finally got back to our campsite and settled in for the night, Bracken and I realized how seriously we had hit the wall.  We were completely out of steam.  Our trip had been wonderful, but we were done.  It was actually a really good feeling knowing we had had a fabulous time, and now we got to go back home. 

We spent Friday morning exploring the campground we were at, Yosemite Pines.  It was still pretty empty that time of year, but we could imagine how fun it could be at the peak.  We visited the petting zoo.
 She may look like she's scowling, but it's really just the sun in her eyes.  This girl could not love animals more.
 We fed the animals all our remaining bread, which they enjoyed a lot.
 They really wanted more. 
We then walked around and played on the playground, took a walk on the nature trail (until it because a little too "Choose Your Own Adventure" for my tastes), and checked out the ampitheater.  Bracken got the RV all packed up and emptied and refilled as necessary while we explored.  Then we loaded up for the 3 hour drive home. 

We were so happy to be there.  We quickly unpacked and cleaned the RV, which we returned the next day with fond farewells and promises to see it again soon.  Then we returned home and I seriously questioned the choice to leave the house in all its Easter glory on Easter day.  I thought about that choice a lot over the next week as I tried to get our lives back to normal function.

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Jen Paris said...

these vacation posts are awesome. you crack me up! And I must agree completely about the cadbury heroine eggs. I can easily eat an entire bag myself.