Sunday, May 5, 2013


We woke up the morning of our day in Yosemite to the sound of rain.  Which was fine, because we were in an RV!  We ate a nice warm breakfast, packed up, and headed into the park.  GPS said it would take us about an hour and a half to make it to the valley, but we were only a little bit into our  drive before we saw this.  Our rainy morning gave us extra drama in the view.  Clouds, hovering below the mountains.  And everywhere we looked, waterfalls.  In looking at one, we would almost miss the next one.

The only time I had been to Yosemite before was for my honeymoon.  We realized as we drove into the park on April 4 that it was exactly 10 1/2 years since our wedding day.  What a great place to spend our anniversary and a half.  When we had come in October 2002, I remember driving into the valley and feeling my heart stop at the beauty and majesty of it all.  But in the fall, there are no falls.  I honestly don't even remember seeing Bridal Veil fall, the only waterfall in Yosemite that runs year round.  Coming in the spring was a completely different experience.

We kept pulling over as we drove in to point out waterfalls to the girls.

 There was just to much to see on that misty morning.
 There was only Yosemite walls the last time I came.  Also, there weren't any of these cute girls.
 The other cute girls preferred to stay dry in the car.
 We parked the RV and started trekking through  put the valley.  We  visited the visitor's center, then walked over to the lodge to buy tickets for the bus tour of the valley.  Bracken and I had gone on it before, though I was super grateful that in the colder months, they use a normal bus instead of the open air one!
 Chloe and Addie on the bus.
 Rosie and Bracken on the bus.
 Maggie and me on the bus.
 Every time we stopped, I flashed back to being on that bus as a newlywed. 

 Here is the classic view of the valley, though somewhat obscured by clouds.  I was certain we had a matching picture from our honeymoon, and was going to cutely juxtapose the two.  Alas, we fell victim to the problem of honeymooners.  There are only the two of you, and you are so wrapped up in each other, you forget to include, or even talk to, anyone else.  

 The best I can do is offer this selfie from the parking lot while we looked at the very same view.
 Halfway through the bus ride, three of the girls were asleep.  And the sun came out!  We snapped a quick shot of Half Dome.
 After the bus ride, we woke everybody up.  To stop their tears, I busted out the bag of Cheetos.  Perfect.  We then walked the trail to the base of Yosemite Falls.  It was beautiful.  And loud.  And wet.  Good thing we still had our rain gear on.

10.5 years ago, we snapped this picture up at Glacier Point (which we couldn't revisit since it was still closed for the winter).
 10.5 years later, we are still happy to be married to each other.
 Though we do have some baggage now.  Cute, pink baggage.

 After the falls, we visited the Indian Village and Museum, and got some pressed pennies, and made the trek back to the RV.  Once there, we decided to make some macaroni and cheese before we headed out, proving once again that the RV was fantastic.  Once we finally got on the road, I made Bracken stop so I could hike the short trail to the base of Bridal Veil Fall.  I just couldn't let the opportunity pass.

 Quickly I scurried up the trail, and reached the base of the falls to find myself completely alone.  I tried to snap a decent picture of myself with the falls, but it was far too wet.  I stayed there for a bit, admiring the beauty, overwhelmed with the sound and feel of the water.  I was seriously startled when I heard voices of the next group approaching.  I was so hypnotized by it all I completely forgot other people were there!

 Yosemite was just gorgeous.  It took my breath away just as much as it had before.  We definitely won't wait another 10 years to go again.

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I guess I missed a lot of posts over the past lots of do you always manage to look so dang CUTE? If I don't make a concerted effort, I look like I'm trying to make it on people of WalMart.