Sunday, April 6, 2008

All about eggs, and the backyard

I'm finally posting pictures of our Easter day. Many of the pictures are chosen less for the moment they capture than for how they display our yard and my many projects there. Obviously there is still a lot of work to be done, but that's what keeps it fun, right? They are also a little out of order, but that can also be overlooked.
The egg hunters emerge.

Mom, with her gardening face and hair on, and naked-baked Chloe dyeing Easter eggs the day before. Chloe got very in to the tie-dye technique.

Addie was very into eating the spoons. Behind Bracken and Addie is my herb box, which has parsley, sage and oregano that all survived the winter, which is exciting. You can also see the corner of the composter I put together out of used pallets. Also featured is the really old section of our fence.

Chloe diving into her chocolate bunny. For the record, chocolate bunny for breakfast does not make for a very pleasant morning. Or Sacrament meeting.

Addie Too Cool.

The long view of our yard, filled with clever egg hiders. Down the left side of the yard is our brand new beautiful fence.

To the back left is the bed we planted our berry patch in. Along the back fence is our lime and lemon grove. The lime tree is covered in buds, and the lemons, which I started from seeds, are
filling out. The area with the picket fence is where we lock the children when we're not using them.

Grandpa Jack, Aunt Eden, and Addie in her Easter dress.

Autumn finding eggs among my garden boxes. They're all starting to fill with little seedlings. The peas on the left continue to produce prolifically, and I will be so sad when it gets too hot for them and I can no longer eat sweet fresh peas as I work.

Isaac hunting eggs by my root vegetable box. I've got several potato plants started from potatoes I found growing in my compost pile. Bracken thinks its gross, but I think he'll change his tune when harvest time comes. You can also see the rickety swing which came with our house, and the new cover I made for it. It's sitting in our pool pad, and I'm so antsy to get the pool set back up. So is Chloe. Most days she strips off all her clothes, puts on her water wings and life jacket, and stands in her 2 foot wide, 3 inch deep pool.

Mariah and Chloe by my bulb bed. In the foreground are crocus and grape hyacinth, and behind the tree are tulips, hyacinth, iris, dutch iris, and several other varieties of plants I didn't plant, but am looking forward to seeing bloom.


Missy Jurgens said...

Your yard looks GREAT! I love the garden boxes too, good work once again "wonder red."

Sandy said...

OH my goodness, you have an awesome yard!! Is it even possible to have that big of a GREEN backyard in California? HA - I have SO many questions I need to ask you...we need to start a compost pile...I have lots and lots of pallets (well, after my back stairs get put up - we have a temporary pallet pier going right now)...what do I need to do??! We're doing a huge garden, berry patch, herb garden, fruit trees, etc. but I'm still pretty clueless about things. Jake is pretty good with the regular garden, but for the past 5 years we've only done container gardening - so ANY and ALL hot tips are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!! How did you do your raised beds?