Sunday, April 6, 2008

Angie's Wedding

I've been meaning to make some changes to my blog for a while, and I'm finally getting around to it today. I like my new background a lot. I think it fits. And I've posted and posted and posted, and now my husband is getting desperate for me to spend some time with him, so I'm going to make this short, but I did want to share a couple more things.

My cousin Angie got married yesterday. She and her groom, Jim Clark, chose a wonderful location up in the hills , by a waterfall outside Auburn. The reception was held in a park nearby. It was a beautiful day, and the ceremony was just lovely. The part I appreciated the most was after Angie and Jim made their vows, the pastor asked all of us to vow to pray for and support them. I thought that was very special. Angie is so happy, and I am happy for her.

I was also happy to do her flowers, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my handiwork.

And my favorite part of the day I don't have a picture of yet. Hopefully I'll get one soon from my Uncle. Anyway, for the meal we had a catered barbeque lunch. I was holding Addie and was trying to sit down, while juggling my plate and trying to keep Little Miss Grabby from getting hold of it. Well, the plate got a little too close, and she saw her opportunity, and before I knew it, she had my pork rib in both hands and was excitedly gnawing away at it. It was better than Christmas as far as she was concerned. You should have heard the shriek of anger when I took it away. This kid is serious about her food.


Missy Jurgens said...

Wow, the flower arrangements are beautiful! (no surprise) Congrats to Angie, she looks really happy!

LINDSAY said...

I love the flowers--they are gorgeous! And it definitely seems like Addie is taking after Emerson in the eating department :)
I am excited to try that bread recipe--thanks for sharing.
I love your yard too--it is huge! I am amazed at all the projects you've got going on back there. How fun.

Sandy said...

Wow - beautiful flower arrangements!! I didn't know you were a florist, too...but I think if its something crafty, you can do it, so no surprise:) Congrats to Angie -- I actually think that's the one cousin of yours I've met before! She looks beautiful, and it looks like it was the perfect day for a wedding!

The Mills Family said...

When I left a post yesterday, I meant to tell you I liked your background. I thought it was perfect. I flowers for the wedding were beautiful! I am sure the weather was great too. It snowed here! It was fun to run out in it, in our pj's though.