Monday, April 14, 2008

To all my baking peeps

Bracken and I are currently contemplating the purchase of our first Kitchenaid. Can you believe I have survived this long with only a handmixer for all my baking needs? Currently at Costco is a 5 quart bowl Kitchenaid bowl lift mixer, with a coupon that would make it about $260, which is a great deal. However, I am torn between the deal, and wondering if I will need a larger bowl. So I'm asking all of you out there for your input. What size/type mixers do you have? Are you happy with what you have? Is it large enough for your needs? What would you change about what you have?

Hopefully you can help me make the right decision. Thanks in advance.


Sandy said...

Jake bought me mine for Christmas 6 or 7 years ago, and I think it was around $300 then (mine isn't a flip-top - it just raises and lowers). I actually was kind of mad at him for spending that much money on a present at that point in our lives (he saved all his change for a year)...but I use mine ALL THE STINKING TIME. It is by far the MOST used appliance in my kitchen, besides the fridge. Just today I used it 3 different times.

I honestly don't even know what size mine is... wait, I just went and dumped out the whipped cream that was still in it from FHE dessert and filled it with water. Its a 5 quart one. Rarely have I wanted anything bigger - it'll do a double batch of cookies or 2 cake mixes at a time with no problem and enough bread dough for 3-4 regular sized loaves (of the recipe I'm using anyway), so that can give you an idea of what it'll hold. Actually the only time I have problems with it is if I need to mix a small amount of something - like the whipped cream tonight - there was only a cup of it in there, so it takes a little while to get it all up into the whip attachment and mixing. I've only used my hand mixer for mashed potatoes since I got the Kitchenaid. We also have a meat grinder attachment on it that is handy for people like us who tend to have a plethora of wild game...but the wife of the household doesn't like to eat it (we hamburgerize it and mix with regular burger).

AND - I have that bread recipe I still need to send you that pretty much makes the bread entirely in the Kitchenaid - very handy!

Obviously, I'd recommend getting one...but the size you get just depends on what you want it for. If you want it for regular baking, the 5 should be plenty...if you plan on making bread all at once for 8 children, you might want to go with the 6 (you know, plan ahead, haha). For me personally, one extra quart difference wouldn't have been worth the extra price point for the 6, but it just depends on what kind of deal you get.

Now you just need a wheat grinder and you'll be in business:)

Katie said...

Go for it Ruthie! You won't need more than I 5 quart. I saw that one at Costco and thought it was great. I think it is the next one up from mine. DO IT!

The Mills Family said...

Get the bigger one, I wish I had.

Ashley :)

Katie said...

I have the 5 quart one and it is plenty big enough for me. I definatly agree with everyone else though, it's totally worth it! I really don't cook a lot, but I still use mine all the time. And you have to get the kitchen aid brand, my mom got a different brand that was only like $30 cheeper, and it is a peice of crap!
I am so excited for you, you are going to love it!

Missy Jurgens said...

Um, I'm jealous. I say go for it as well, so at least one of us has one! I've got a knock off, but its kinda wimpy and doesn't handle the butter cookies well, so there you go.