Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wish granted

Remember how Chloe has been a little special lately and I was hoping she would throw up or show some signs of illness? Today we were driving to her speech evaluation appointment, and she started vomiting in the backseat. We were stuck in horrible traffic, and by the time we finally got off the freeway, I was crying. My poor little girl was just covered in it, and kept throwing up and there was nothing I could do. Except for smell it, and wow, was it toxic! She's acting fine now, and I'm really hoping that this is responsible for the crazy we've been dealing with.


Missy Jurgens said...

Oh my goodness, poor little thing. I'm so sorry, Ruth. I'm sorry that it happened in traffic too, not cool. I really hope that she feels better soon, you too!

Sandy said...

UGH! I SO feel for you! I'm sorry that she's sick...but glad that you got to the bottom of the grouchies! I hope your car makes middle child seems to be prone to the barfs every time she gets ANY bug (she has an amazingly sensitive gag reflex)...from experience...kitty litter helps soak up lots of liquid and chunks (we just keep a bag of it in the back of the van)...and febreeze really does help get rid of the lingering ick smell.

The Mills Family said...

That is a "bommer!!" And gross! Poor Chloe and poor you. Car throw-up is pretty much the worst. I hope it has passed. If you think about it, will you see if Lindsey will add me as a friend to her blog. I like seeing her photos.