Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And then there's Addie

She just came running toward me, carrying something I couldn't immediately identify, shouting, "Hi now. Hi now." When she got closer, I realized it was a bottle of Tylenol. Hi now=Tylenol. Got it. She's been whining all day, so why not? I drugged her up.

I was in the bathroom the other day and she came running in saying, "Mom, Spill!" I came into the living room to find water everywhere, including all over her. At least it was water. I was mostly impressed that one, she had time to tattle on herself before Chloe did; and two, that she knew the word "spill." She comes up with new words everyday. It just amazes me.

She spilled more water on herself later that day when Chloe, trying to be helpful, filled a sippy cup with water for Addie but didn't get the lid on all the way. Addie then also had the misfortune of slipping in that water and soaked herself even more on the floor.

She's started using the word "Amen" at the end of prayers, and occasionally even folds her arms and holds still. Most the time, though, she just rebels against the whole idea of order and reverence.

Addie's favorite word right now, at almost 22 months, is, of course, "No." I hear it a lot, loudly and emphatically, usually accompanied by head shaking and hand swatting. At the moment, despite the Tylenol, she is inconsolable, yelling, "No" and rolling herself across the floor. That's right. Wear yourself out.

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Sandy said...

Addie sounds like a hoot!

I'm bummed we missed you guys this trip, but we didn't even make it through NoCal this trip - my grandparents ended up coming down to SLO for Carina's grad party, so we went back home through Vegas as usual. NEXT TIME for SURES!