Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's day photos

Amazingly, we were all ready for church on time this Sunday with enough minutes left over to take a few pictures before we headed out the door.

We started with me. During Chloe's pregnancy, I took pictures every month to document my growing belly. With Addie, I got most of the months documented. This time around, there have been very few days when I've actually gotten myself looking good enough to want to take a picture, and then most the time I've forgotten to do it. So here's my 37 week belly. I've been pretty sure that I'm clearly pregnant, but recent feedback has made me doubtful. Hopefully this clears it up, right? Right?
After my little photo shoot, Chloe decided she wanted in on the action. And like the Top Model she is, she was ready with lots of poses.

Addie just watched from a safe distance.
She eventually agreed to be in a picture, too, but her smiling skills seem to have reverted back to the "slightly special" variety.
And here's my cute husband with his girls on Father's Day. We sure do love him and appreciate all he does for us.


Lindsay said...

First off, you look so cute all pregnant and not even big at all!! I don't know what these people are thinking. I am sure you are probably anxious to get this baby here (what 9 month pregnant woman isn't), but you do look super good!

ANd about cameras...I really don't know much about point and shoots. I can barely use mine very good--I just like my SLR camera. I love Nikon cameras and i know they have some good point and shoots on the market. Canon is also good--I just prefer Nikon. I think the most important thing is just making sure it has decent megapixels, but I'm sure most do these days. But other than that, I really don't know what much else to look for in those. You probably want to make sure it shoots pretty fast. With little kids, you don't want it taking 5 seconds to shoot a picture because you totally miss the moment. I had one like that a while back which was a pain. sorry, I am not much more help. If you decide on an SLR, I could give you some advice :)

Wilkins Clan said...

Well I do not know what these people are talking about. I think you look great. Such a cute preggy mom. I can not wait to meet your new little girl. Any name ideas?

kimberly said...

Cute pictures!!!

Biligualist-in-Training said...

Ruth, you look great! And the girls are darling.